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Pointe People Pointe Paint



  • Whether you want to dye your satin or canvas shoes for a photo shoot, competition, convention or a show, Point Paint is your number one solution!
  • They believe that dyeing ballet shoes to match your skin tone should be easy. 
  • That’s why Pointe People has worked hard to give you their seven nude shades of Pointe Paint. 
  • Pointe Paint provides a convenient, clean and easy way to dye (and matte!) your fabric shoes, including pointe shoes and canvas technique slippers. 
  • One bottle of Pointe Paint will be enough for one pair of pointe shoes, depending on your size.


  • How do you apply Pointe Paint?
    • Shake with the cap on.  Then you take the cap off and press sponge on a paper towel a couple of times till paint flow started.  Finally your brush it onto your shoes evenly.
  • How fast will shoes dry after dyeing them?
    • It takes between 30 to 60 minutes to dry each pair of shoes.
  • Will the dye leave any marks on the floor?
    • After the shoes are fully dried, the dye will not leave any marks on the floor.
  • Will the dye change the structure of shoes including shrinking them?
    • As the dye is water-based, it will not change the structure of your shoes.  It will not shrink them or change the flexibility of the shoes.
  • Is the dye waterproof?
    • While the dye is not waterproof, it does sustain normal dance-related sweating.
  • How many pairs of shoes will one bottle dye?
    • It depends on a persons shoe size, but it is estimated that each bottle will dye 1-2 pairs of shoes.