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RP Rubin Pointe Shoes



  • Due to the specific nature of fitting Pointe shoes it is not advised to try to figure out your sizing as a first time student or if you have grown out of an old pair.  Please call and make an appointment if you are uncertain about the fit or sizing of shoes.
  • These shoes are not a toy neither are they for play.
  • If you have not been approved by your dance instructor or if you are not in a registered Pointe class, please do not purchase this product.
  • Ellman’s Dancewear is not liable for any injuries that may occur because of misuse.

Rubin U-Cut Pointe Shoes with Drawstring

Rubin U-Cut pointe shoes (“ruby”) glow and captivate with elegance.  The versatility of these u-cut pointe shoes has given Rubin unsurpassed popularity among discerning ballerinas.  The low crown, wide platform size and slightly tapered box combine to suit a variety of foot shapes, while the pleatless platform gives a polished finished.  Pliable, long-lasting shanks support with grace, and RP’s revolutionary pre-arched construction mimics the shape of the foot on pointe, to highlight the arch while facilitating pointework and minimizing break-in.  This pointe shoe is apart of the jewel collection where the name rubin comes from.

Shoe Features:

  • Wide toe platform
  • Slightly tapered box
  • Low crown
  • Pre-arched construction


  • For Sizing follow the RP Shoe guild for finding shoe size conversion
  • Width 6 is not available in sizes below 36

If you have questions call Ellman’s Dance Boutique.
We are unable to guarantee if sizes/colors/widths are in stock and
will contact you if items in your order are unavailable.

Please see disclaimers in descriptions for more information about this product.

*Ribbons and Elastics are Sold Separately.*