Bloch/Mirella Holiday Collection 2018

The Bloch and Mirella Adult Holiday Collection is now in store! Beautiful winter colors, textured fabrics and fresh designs make this a must have wardrobe essential for winter and holiday wear! Leotards are available in camisole, tank and cap sleeve styling. Knitwear is available in a cable/rib design in both sweater and short styling. Also available are a pull on skirt and rip stop shorts in a roll top design.
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  1. L4807_FRONT_AFV
  2. L4807_BACK_AFV
  3. L9802_FRONT_BLK
  4. L9802_BACK_BLK
  5. L9812_FRONT_BLK
  6. L9812_BACK_BLK
  7. L9812_FRONT_MRC
  8. L9812_BACK_MRC
  9. M2160LM_FRONT_BLK
  10. M2160LM_BACK_BLK
  11. M2160LM_FRONT_IDS
  12. M2160LM_BACK_IDS
  13. M3063LM_FRONT_EGR
  14. M3063LM_BACK_EGR
  15. M5066LM_FRONT_BLK
  16. M5066LM_BACK_BLK
  17. M6040L_FRONT_DVG
  18. M6040L_BACK_DVG
  19. MS113_FRONT_BLK
  20. R1234_BACK_GML
  21. R1234_FRONT_BLK
  22. Z7219_FRONT_BLK
  23. Z7219_FRONT_GML